Covid Policy Update

Posted on July 29, 2021 by Lyndale Animal Hospital

Hello! We wanted to remind you all of our curbside vs in person appointments, which was emailed out in June. Currently, all doctor’s appointments have the option of coming inside for their appointments, but you can remain curbside if you’d like. All other types of appointments (tech, surgery, drop off procedures) will remain curbside, as well as all medication/food pick ups. For those that do have a doctor’s appointment, and want to come inside for that appointment, please follow these instructions:

1. Call upon arrival, and remain outside or in your vehicle. Please do not block the front door, as we will be coming in and out with other pets.
2. A receptionist will get you checked in, and alert the technicians of your arrival.
3. A technician will call and ask a few questions about your pet’s history before having you meet them in the lobby.
4. Please put on a mask covering both nose and mouth before entering the building (yes, even if you are vaccinated). 
5. Do not bring anyone into the appointment with you. This unfortunately means children as well. We can always keep your appointment curbside, though! You will still get to speak with the doctor directly, it will just be over the phone rather than in person.
6. If your pet needs diagnostics done in house (such as blood work or x-rays), we may ask you to wait outside until we’ve finished. This is to help keep our lobby clear for other folks.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. You all have been so understanding of all these changes, which we really appreciate.