We are aware that things are changing all the time when it comes to policies related to preventing the spread of Covid-19. Because of this, we wanted to make sure to touch base with our clients, and let you all know that we are continuing curbside service for the foreseeable future. This ensures the safety of our staff and clients, while allowing us to provide the care your pets need and deserve. Unfortunately, this also means that we are not able to take on quite as many appointments each day. Each curbside appointment takes much longer than in person appointments, so we have to allow more time for each exam. Because of this, we are booking appointments much further out than we have in the past. Wellness exams are booking out a full month, and surgeries are 2-3 months out. We do save some spots for emergencies, but those fill up quickly. We ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate these challenges.

Some of you have asked if we have a tentative date set for allowing clients back into the building. While many other businesses are implementing things like that, we are not even considering it at the moment. There is no tentative date or time frame at the moment. The only exception to this is when someone has to say goodbye to their pet, and even those cases have extra safety measures in place. We will announce it the moment we have a date in sight for allowing people inside. We do miss seeing everyone, and look forward to the day that we can share space again. Y’all have been incredibly understanding, and we deeply appreciate it.

If you haven’t been to our clinic since the pandemic started, here is a brief explanation of curbside service:

  • Call the clinic once you’ve arrived for your appointment. If you drove, remain in your vehicle.
  • After checking you in, the receptionist will let you know that a technician will be giving you a call back to go over your pet’s history in a few minutes. Please note that the technician may be calling you from a blocked number, as our phone lines are almost always full.
  • After taking down your pet’s history, the technician will come out to your vehicle to gather your pet for their exam. We ask that you remain on the premises for the duration of the appointment.
  • Once the doctor has examined your pet, they will call you to go over their findings and recommendations.
  • After all of your questions have been answered, you’ll be transferred to the receptionists for payment.
  • The technician will bring your pet back out to your vehicle, along with any medication/food that was purchased.
  • Please note: We do ask that anyone interacting with a staff member wear a mask. This includes those arriving for any appointments, as a technician will likely have to stick their head in your vehicle to get a leash around your dog’s neck (we use our own leashes). Please help keep our staff safe by wearing a mask, so that we can remain open and continue to help the pets in our community.